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Discover the beauty of Cetraro on board of our “calessino”.

From the historic centre to the immaculate nature of “Scogliera dei Rizzi",

enjoy the town in a different and funny way. 



You can choose between two options:  

"Mini-Tour"  or  "Tour Completo".



This tour offers the chance to approach the territory taking advantage of pieces of information about the geographical characteristics of Cetraro and the location of the most significant squares and areas of monumental, historic, and cultural interest. 

The tour will start from any of the “Punti Di Attesa” – PDA - located along a unique path, passing by the historic centre of Cetraro and the ancient marina in the middle of Borgo San Marco, enhanced by its beautiful promenade. From here, the calessino will head towards the tourist port and arrive to Lampezia to enjoy the evocative cliff showing wonderful natural caves and the stunning Scogliera dei Rizzi, arising form underwater. 

The mini tour will end where it started.


Duration: about 55 minutes

Tour Completo


This tour develops as the mini one, but intermediate stops are also included. These stops will take you to pedestrian areas, allowing you to discover panoramic views of the city of Cetraro and its main cultural attractions: among the others, we would like to mention the historic centre with its typical Medieval residential area and its alleys, and the fascinating Museo dei Brettii e del Mare, a truly admirable treasure showing archeological findings and works of art. 


Duration: about 2 hours


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